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I'm currently working at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment as the Seattle Campus Instructor for VFX/Short Film Production and First Year Art.

AIE is an accredited institute and offer a two year advanced diploma in VFX, Game Art, and Game Programming.
The campus is located in the heart of Seattle next to the Space Needle.

I've updated the WIP Page with some items from AIE and my VFX Students. I am currently guiding their short film project and using Nuke extensively for compositing CG onto live back plates. I'll post more updates in the near future.
I have also been keeping a blog of my student's progress, it can be viewed here: aieseattleartvfx.tumblr.com

If you have any inquiries drop me a line:


Or find me on Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vbonilla/

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